Lie Detector Test Near Me?

American Polygraph Examiners may be able to offer you a private, personal, lie detector test, near you. Find where you can take a polygraph test today.

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A polygraph test, commonly known as a lie detector test, is a scientific test that collects physiological data from a person with the purpose of identifying reactions associated with dishonesty or deception. At least three systems in the human body are recorded during a polygraph examination.

Polygraph tests are confidential and private. The polygraph examiners are committed to making your experience taking a lie detector test as friendly as possible without compromising integrity and standards in the polygraph profession. Get a lie detector test scheduled at a location in your area.

A standard lie detector test near me contains 3 main questions, on the same subject matter (with single-issue testing). The remaining questions are general fill-in questions, which are placed between the 3 main questions. Keep in mind, most polygraph tests are given to get the truth regarding one, very important, question.

Do you need to know the truth? Do you need to prove the truth to someone else? lie detector tests near me may determine the truth in a variety of issues, including family issues. Lie detector tests and polygraph tests are used to find out the truth if your partner has cheated on you if a family member is stealing or lying to you about drugs, abuse, addictions or a variety of other issues. Polygraph testing is confidential, professional and accurate.