Polygraph Places in Florida

Take a polygraph test, commonly known as a lie detector test, in Orlando, Tampa, Pembroke Pines, Miramar or Jacksonville.

Call or text message a Polygraph Examiner before you pay.

Do you suspect your boyfriend or wife of cheating?

We can help you with the Orlando lie detector test.

We also test on thefts from home, work or the office.

You do not need to be a celebrity, actor, athlete, or politician to take a lie detector test.

We are open to the public!

Test results are always confidential.

The following are sample polygraph test questions.

Since being with John, have you had sex with any other person?

Since marrying Jane, have you had sex with any other person?

Did you have any physical sexual activity with anyone from your work?

Have you had any communication with Steve in the last two weeks?

Have you searched for pornography on any electronic device in the last month?